About Us

Myrtle Social Welfare Network is an NGO based in Chennai, which strives towards fulfilling the needs of less privileged people, destitute and sick. Highly disturbed by the plight of the community around, Myrtle works with great humanitarian attitude, lofty principles and noble gestures. It solely concentrates on instilling hope in the minds of those who are tossed between the challenges and difficulties and helps them to face life with confidence and dignity.

Myrtle has a keen focus on bringing a positive difference in the lives of people thereby enhancing their quality of life.

Myrtle, a non-profit organization, with its unique sense of integrity, dedication, commitment, understanding, care, concern and love, had already brought magical changes in the lives of lakhs of people who had lost hope.

Our Vision

Myrtle works for the marginalized children and community by enhancing their quality of life.

Our Mission

Myrtle creates opportunities, hope and self-respect among underprivileged children, youth and women to achieve their full potential in India.

Who We Serve & Why

Myrtle Social Welfare Network is a non- profit, public charitable NGO established in Chennai in the year 2003, working for the development of under privileged community for nearly two decades. Myrtle strives for the Social, Educational, Physical and Economic welfare of the marginalized community, and its services span a wide range of spectrum covering every needy soul beyond the boundaries of caste, class, creed, language and religion. 

Myrtle has successfully initiated several specialized programmes for the past 19 years, reaching out to the deprived children, youth, women and community for Educational Institutions, Government departments, NGO's, INGO's and UN Agencies in India.  

Legal Status

  • Registered under Public Charitable Trust Act Reg No: 157/2003 - Download Trust Deed Here
  • Registered under IT Act 1961 12AA Reg. No DIT(E)No AABTM4531BE20098 dated 24.09.2021 - Download
  • Registration under 80G (5) (VI) under order No AABTM4531BF20211 dated 24.09.2021 - Download 80G Certificate Here
  • Myrtle Social Welfare Network PAN Card - Download Here
  • Registeration No. Registration Number 075901217 dated 04-08- 2016, Nature : Cultural,Economic,Educational,Social – FCRA certificate renewed is valid for a period of five years with effect from 01-11-2016. - Download Here
  • Profile of the organization - Download Here
  • Audit report 2021-2022 - Download Here
  • Undertake CSR Activities - Download Here
  • Darpen Unique ID- Download Here

More About Myrtle Social Welfare Network

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