Road Safety Awareness

Myrtle Social Welfare Network is India’s most trusted NGO. Myrtle partnered with Corporates and implementing CSR projects in South Region.


Education programmes targeting children and adolescents contribute towards decreasing the number of persons affected by road crashes by sustainably impacting knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

We are using a new & innovative strategy called "ViA- Global Road Safety Education for the Next Generation", developed by Global Road Safety Partnership that focuses on school children for this project.

Via is a simple, accessible and cost-effective programme designed to help children and adolescents think, learn and act on key road safety messages in all its dimensions (behavior, skills, rules, infrastructure, etc.); at multiple levels: personal, school, street, neighborhood and in terms of actions and initiatives to improve safety and quality of life.

Objectives: The ViA programme aims for children and young people to:

  • learn about risky behavior on the road
  • learn how to avoid crashes
  • become aware that there is a connection between safe behavior on streets or roads and protecting their own lives.

Myrtle Social Welfare Network partnered with United Way Mumbai and reached more than 12,000 children in 60 schools in Chennai classes between 10 to 16 years of age.

Donate to Support a Child

You are invited to donate a sum of your choice to Myrtle Social Welfare Network, which will certainly bring a positive change in the lives of under-privileged community.


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