Paediatric Cancer Support

Myrtle one of the vision is to support Cancer affected children and families fighting against cancer in Chennai. Myrtle works among the underprivileged, downtrodden and economically poor society and supports them to fight against paediatric cancer. Myrtle believes families deserve the best care and support when they have a child diagnosed with cancer and that they should not feel alone at this difficult time. Myrtle supported children with cancer and their families with the help of our individual donors at Chennai Tamilnadu.

Myrtle Play Area at INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH AND HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN(Asia biggest children Hospital) , Egmore, Chennai.

Chennai NGO Myrtle Social Welfare Network is running a Play Area at INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH AND HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN, E block, Ground Floor in Egmore, Chennai. In hospital, it helps children to learn and develop, and to feel less anxious. It helps them to express their feelings and worries, understand what is happening and cope with treatment.

Myrtle is running a creche for children in the Egmore Government Children's Hospital at A Block, 3rd Floor and there will be toys, games, craftwork, books and other activities available.

Services We Do

Your contribution will help Chennai NGO Myrtle Social Welfare Network provides the following support to its under privileged Cancer affected children and their families:

  • Temporary Shelter for care givers
  • Nutritional support
  • Educational support for siblings
  • Health & hygiene kit
  • Transportation Support
  • Counseling and Psycho Social Support
  • Help to fulfill the last wish of the child
  • Cash Toll Support
  • Awareness on Childhood Cancer

Myrtle runs PLAY AREA & CRECHE at ICH Children's Hospital, Egmore, Chennai
Registered Office
Myrtle Social Welfare Network,
18, 39, Cross St, Kennedy Square,
Perambur, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600011

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