Villivakkam Railway CHILDLINE - 1098

Myrtle, has a deep concern about the safety of children. In collaboration with Ministry of Women and Child Development (GOI), Ministry of Railways and Childline India Foundation Myrtle has set up Kiosks CHILD HELP DESK at Villivakkam railway station to rescue, rehabilitate and protect children who have been a victim of child abuse, trafficking or labour, in liaison with Child Helpline Number 1098.

Child Helpdesk

A large number of children who run away from their homes use railways as a mode to travel. Such children are vulnerable to the harsh reality of street life and are often victims of various forms of abuse; physical, sexual, emotional as well as economic exploitation. They often end up living on their own in streets, market places and especially at railway stations. All these places are transit points for trafficking and need focussed programmes and attention for rescue and rehabilitation. To ensure the care and protection for children who come in contact with railways, Myrtle has set up Child Help Desk at Villivakkam Railway Station and 12-member team works 24 hours for the protection of children at risk.

  • Child Labor
  • Child Abuse & Violence
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Child Trafficking
  • Missing Childrens
  • Runaway Childrens
  • Child Health
  • Addiction
  • Education Related
  • Child Marriage
  • Conflict with the Law
  • Homeless

Donate to Support a Child

You are invited to donate a sum of your choice to Myrtle Social Welfare Network, which will certainly bring a positive change in the lives of most vulnerable children.


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