Student Opportunities

Corporate are invited to join their hands with Myrtle in the cause of uplifting the downtrodden. Myrtle ensures accountability and reliability. Corporate can involve in Adopting a Project, Pay Roll Giving, Cause Marketing or Sponsoring which will project your name in this noble cause.


An opportunity for interns

  • To put theory into practice and deepen their knowledge on development issues.
  • To refine skills on advocacy, research, campaign, networking skills and other operational aspects of development work.
  • To transform into committed social workers and to become passionate towards social issues.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Should be above 18 years of age
  • Should be in college/ recent pass out
  • Should be able to put in a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Should be committed to social issues.

MYRTLE International Internship Program in India

Myrtle International Internship Program in India is focused on university students and young professionals aimed to facilitate experiential learning, development opportunities, cross-cultural, social and economic empowerment, gender equity, community based healthcare, alternative and informal education, environment conservation etc. The International Internship Program in India work duration may be customized to vary from 12weeks to 12months. The organization does not charge an institutional internship fee.

One of the biggest highlights of this community development internship is working in local communities to promote development through empowering at-risk populations, enriching people's lives with education and promoting healthy living.


More About Myrtle Social Welfare Network

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